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Adriana Purcell

Yale MD-PhD ['22 Entry Class]

Ayesha Butt, MD

Yale Internal Medicine '26

Cecily Allen, MD

NIH Critical Care '27

Christina Waldron

Yale MD '26

Daniel Wang

Yale MD '26

Daniel Y. Wang

Yale College '27

Giri Viswanathan

Yale College '25

Karthik Chetlapalli

Yale MD '26

Kunal Potnis, MD

Yale Internal Medicine '26

Rhys Richmond

Yale MD '26

Samira Glaeser-Khan

Yale MD '28

Satoko Ito, MD PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow, Decision Analytic Modeling Lead

George Goshua, MD, MSc, FACP is a Yale-trained, board-certified hematologist and internist, with methodological training in risk and decision science from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He founded both a Yale-led multi-institutional collaborative research hub and the first quantitative decision science laboratory to explicitly address clinical and health policy challenges in hematology and oncology in the United States. Through his clinical training Dr. Goshua knows that the best physicians, who are able to guide and comfort their patients through explicit diagnostic and therapeutic uncertainty to arrive at a shared- and patient-centric strategy, think like quantitative decision scientists every day. Quantitative decision science expertise is sparse across clinician-scientists in the United States, reflecting lack of investment into these rigorous, quantitative methods in academic medicine. The Goshua Lab is one effort to address this glaring opportunity. Our two priorities are (1) to delineate value- and equity-informed quantitative metrics for our three research objectives (see Research Overview), and (2) to train the next generation of quantitative decision science clinician-scientists.

George Goshua, MD, MSc, FACP

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator

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